About 2016

If I have to summarize the past three years of my life with a car analogy, I’d say 2013 was the big accident in which I totaled the car. 2014 was driving around in that car aimlessly and possibly off a cliff. 2015 was a more hopeful beginning of self-discovery and realizing that the car needs a lot of TLC before getting back on the road.

2016 is the year in which I get a new map and hopefully start a new journey in a better car. I realize my road will never be as delightful and smooth as it was before but humans are amazing in their capability to adapt to their circumstances. It has been a mental and emotional struggle for me and it still is. I do have some fight left in me so I want to make it meaningful and enjoy the road ahead as much as I can.

I began this year hopeful. Although the road is still bumpy for a few more miles, the new destination I set for myself is something that “fits”.

Last time I wrote a blog entry was the seeds of that new beginning. My journey to Gokceada proved fruitful. Although I haven’t yet explored it fully to my desire, there I found something I have been looking for: Peace. Or at least the idea of it. I also found opportunity that fits well with the idea of meaningful work.

I have been a busy bee. In the process of building an idea up, I learned to build a website, found a new area of interest (hello real estate) and basked myself in the calm and beauty of the island. Along the way I tumbled into something so essential to living a happy life: PURPOSE

So 2016 is a year of hope and mission.

This time I am ready.

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  1. Mr. Nice
    February 4, 2016 at 9:43 pm (2 years ago)

    Take your cue from your brother, as he always says: Live is life. Na na, nana na..


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