About Me

Hello I am Ekin! I am a world adventurer, a talented crafter, a successful business owner, a tasteful decorator, a fabulous baker, an enlightened soul and an inspiring friend. I lead a meaningful life with purpose while having a lot of fun, surrounded with people I love. I found happiness and my inner peace. My life is complete.

Well…Not quite yet. But I intend to get there!

The First Beginning

I started my adult life in a very conventional way. College? Check! Prestigious MBA? Done, Corporate Career? On it! Travel on vacation time? Sure! Date through my 20’s? Betcha! As I gloriously celebrated my 30th Birthday- in Amsterdam, on Queen’s day nonetheless- I had it all. Life was good.

Then it came tumbling down…

End of an Era

I lost my envied job, and with it my entire life I worked so hard for went down the drain. I had to vacate my cozy NYC apartment, and leave the USA within a month after 12 years of calling it home. Yeah US immigration sucks like that when you are on a work visa.

My first year back in Turkey, where I am originally from, is lost to me. I struggled with depression and felt bitter. My self-esteem hit an all time low and I was about to give up on my dreams. I was wearily settling in a life that didn’t really fit. A mediocre job, a boyfriend I didn’t get along with and pressure from family to get married. Quite the change from my glamour days! I was feeling doomed.

Then I made one small change: I started walking everyday. It somehow gave me strength to take on other small changes and finally I had the courage to turn the page over and start a new adventure that feels more like me.

Second Beginning: A Bucket Full of Life

This is me writing about my new adventure. 

You’ve probably heard about the effective time management story. It is a little experiment during which a professor fills up a jar with stones, pebbles, sand and water in that order. Each time the jar looks full yet there is always room for the next item. The students think the experiment is to prove that you can always squeeze more things in a schedule. However the real point is that the only way to fit in all the rocks is if you put them in first. The rocks are the important things in one’s life.

So I’ve been thinking… What are the rocks in my life? My bucket needs to be filled with a balanced amount of:

  • DIY projects, hence creativity
  • Being in the moment, hence mindfulness
  • Being healthy, hence wellness
  • Helping others, hence altruism
  • Being surrounded by loved ones, hence relationships
  • Working on a meaningful business idea, hence success
  • Having amazing adventures, hence experience

In this new chapter,  I want to crochet and bake, travel and work, read and write and all things in between. I want to fill with my bucket with things that are uniquely me and make me happy.

And I want to share it with anyone who wants to follow me down the rabbit hole.