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The Ripple Effect of One Small Change


I’ve been tinkering with the idea of “change” as of late. It is a scary word that implies imperfection. If you want to make someone feel terrible about themselves just stare into their eyes with pity and with a slow head shake say, “You’ll never change”. If there was a way to destroy someone’s self esteem this is it.

So change we must.

The decision to change always starts with identification of something we are unhappy about. For example, I always hated the fact that all the weight I gain turns into fat in my midsection.  I often fantasize about a walk-in closet style fat burning machine. I imagine eating a jarful of Nutella then entering into a room and poof! Instant Slimming! That’s how creatively lazy I am.

In reality I only got as far as finishing the jar. I am yet to find the magic room. (more…)

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