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Summer Challenge


I am yet to write a post about the pastoral island I will be calling home this summer. I haven’t fully moved there yet so until then I decided to park it. (Besides what is a travel post without beautiful photos, right?)

Instead I want to write about a setback I experienced last week… Actually not sure if it is appropriate to call it a setback since it was an entirely new experience for me.

I had a nervous break down. (more…)

Find Thyself Through Your Friends


As part of my “self-discovery” journey I am doing a lot of online research for resources. In the process I found out about many inspirational people who are leading exceptional lives and are kind enough to share their secrets. In another post I’ll do a review of dream lifestyle gurus, but today I want to share an outcome of one of the exercises I tried.

This one is from Scott Dinsmore, and it is called “A 5-minute Hack to Finding your Life’s Work

It is basically reaching out to a few of your best friends and asking them 4 simple questions. I have to admit that I should have diversified my list of people, but I stuck with a few of the friends in my inner circle. (more…)