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About 2016

If I have to summarize the past three years of my life with a car analogy, I’d say 2013 was the big accident in which I totaled the car. 2014 was driving around in that car aimlessly and possibly off a cliff. 2015 was a more hopeful beginning of self-discovery and realizing that the car needs a lot of TLC before getting back on the road. (more…)

Passion or Method?

Passion or Method?I have always been an advocate of passion in life. It was the main driver of my every success and the missing piece in all my failures.

Bad love life? Something is missing..passion?
Gave a good speech? Passion!
Political activism? Hell yeah passion! (For a while)
Corporate job? Yuck! who has passion for office work.
Crochet cute stuff? #iheartcrochet

I keep telling myself I need to find my passion and then everything will fall in place. (more…)

Stumbling Into the Path


Do good things happen to those who plan or those who wander?

I am often guilty of over planning. When I get excited about an idea, I am instantly obsessed and start making elaborate plans. I immerse myself in multiple work-streams and somewhere along the way I get overwhelmed.

What starts as a simple idea turns into a complicated project very soon and I lose interest. Sometimes I even catch myself making plans to make plans and the result of it all is that I end up doing nothing. (more…)