Creativity: Instant Mojo Booster

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My favorite bucket to fill is creativity. Do I consider myself talented? Not particularly. My projects look like Pinterest fails more often than not, but the process itself is really fun!

I’ve always been a crafty chick but my creativity was sporadic at best. When in a dark place, one loses interest in the things once enjoyed. Besides, I’ve felt like a failure in everything and it effected my outlook on life. Depression Rut

It became a self fulfilling prophecy: Gloomy outlook created a perception of failure which lowered my self esteem and thus led to a gloomy outlook. Try to get out of that rut! (I did by the way, see my tip below)

I envision depression as a little bug that creeps up on you, which then slowly takes hold and becomes you… Sounds like a horror movie script but it is so true! When depressed your self worth plummets and you lose your mojo. Life becomes blah, you accept your situation as reality and you can’t see a way out. I think everyone experiences this once in a while but some of us are stuck at that dark place longer.

If you are depressed, my recommendation for getting out of the rut is to start building habits. One simple habit creates a domino effect for lasting change. It sounds too simple for a really complex problem but try it, it really works. I started with walking 20 minutes each day.

If habit forming is the ground work in mending your self esteem, creativity is the first brick layer of rebuilding it.

Ever since I realized creativity is basically therapy, I’ve made a resolution to schedule my creative time. This girl needs her mojo back! Turns out I have a lot of energy! I was able to complete many projects over the past two weeks. My creative ventures included baking, painting stones and creating vintage boxes.

boxes stones donuts





Each project, regardless of size, gave me a sense of accomplishment. I made a plan, found the resources and saw the project to completion whether it be baking a cookie or painting a stone. I was in flow!

Flow: The mental state of operation in which a person performing an activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of the activity.

Energy, focus, involvement and enjoyment… Sounds like the main ingredients of happiness to me!

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