Find Thyself Through Your Friends


As part of my “self-discovery” journey I am doing a lot of online research for resources. In the process I found out about many inspirational people who are leading exceptional lives and are kind enough to share their secrets. In another post I’ll do a review of dream lifestyle gurus, but today I want to share an outcome of one of the exercises I tried.

This one is from Scott Dinsmore, and it is called “A 5-minute Hack to Finding your Life’s Work

It is basically reaching out to a few of your best friends and asking them 4 simple questions. I have to admit that I should have diversified my list of people, but I stuck with a few of the friends in my inner circle.

One insight right away is that I have unresolved issues with 2 of the 5 people I asked. Now I’ve felt the cold wind blowing my way, but the way they worded their emails was an unleash of frustration. So I have to take out their replies in this review since they did not answer the questions.

Note to self: Resolve issues with two friends.

Also note that the goal of the exercise is to “inspire”, so it is meant to shed a positive light onto my traits. Rest assured, I do have many faults but this exercise highlights my good qualities.

The Questions:

1. What do you think are my biggest passions and why? If you can think of at least two or three, that would be great. Please explain.

2. What do you think are my biggest natural strengths and talents? Please explain.

3. Given the above and what you know about me, what have you always thought I’d be great at doing as a career? Or maybe as a volunteer or hobby? Please explain.

4. And here’s the big one… Assuming you didn’t know me personally, what talent, skill or passion would you happily pay me to teach or help you with? Why?


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My passion: My friends highlighted my dedication, independence and problem solving as my passions. This is in line with my project oriented mindset. I love projects like a kid loves candy!

My strengths: According to my friends, I am empathetic, creative, analytical and social. I agree with this one too! However I think my caring nature is more evident with people I love.

Career: Interestingly two of my friends said I could be a good personal assistant. The typical version of such career would not be suitable for me (see passion for independence), but I think they meant it as someone who problem-solves for others. It is also note-worthy that I need guidance myself since my thoughts are all over the place.

Pay me for?: The replies to this question were again along the lines of organizing, problem-solving and planning.

One sentence summary:

I need to find a project I will dedicate myself to, utilizing my passion for creativity, problem-solving and people skills.

Challenge Accepted!

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