Forgive and Forget


Do you ever feel like you carry a weight on your shoulders?

I often do. For me the biggest downer is the self-criticism I inflict on myself. For others it is the past they carry around, their worries about the future or the weight of current responsibilities.

The heaviest of weights is the yester-life.

Regardless of one’s circumstances, it is impossible to be genuinely at peace if the mind is still tinkering with the past. If you still have a score to settle or feel bitter about past events then even rainbows and puppies won’t bring you happiness.

The cure for the bitter is to forgive and forget.

The person we need to forgive first and foremost is ourselves. It is an internal resolution that you can incorporate into daily meditation.

Each time you catch yourself in self-criticism or blaming others, take a moment and rewrite the story in a kinder light and come back to “now”.

Be the bigger person and forgive. By forgiving, you no longer allow the past to bother you. It is empowering…It is the biggest self-redemption.

And do forget the petty bad things in your past. It won’t do you any good.

All that matters is today. The past should remain locked and sealed in your mind, only to be viewed occasionally but never re-judged.

Put the past in storage and create new space in your mind. It will do wonders.

And that folks, is the remedy for self-healing.

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