Passion or Method?

Passion or Method?I have always been an advocate of passion in life. It was the main driver of my every success and the missing piece in all my failures.

Bad love life? Something is missing..passion?
Gave a good speech? Passion!
Political activism? Hell yeah passion! (For a while)
Corporate job? Yuck! who has passion for office work.
Crochet cute stuff? #iheartcrochet

I keep telling myself I need to find my passion and then everything will fall in place.

As I am pondering about my life and think of all the possibilities, I keep finding myself coming back to that magic word: Passion. It stresses me out, makes me rethink every option and overwhelms me.

OMG! Do I even have one? What am I good at? What are my skills?

If freaking out is a talent I am nominating myself.

Since family business lost its appeal as a long term income generating option (See how fast that got from being the Unexpected Turn of Events to Summer Challenge) I am back to the drawing board with the passion cloud hovering over my head.

Where do I start?

Interestingly this time around, a new idea is forming in my head.

I need a method to this madness.

And what if Method is the answer? What if with correct organization, determination and execution any decent idea can become successful whether I am passionate about it or not?

So as I look for new ways to generate more income, I am starting with a real drawing board and mapping out a timeline.

If I stumble upon something I am passionate along the way then great but until then I have a feeling that a rigorous approach will help me clear my mind and get me results faster. Plus it is another good habit to work on!

Ok then. Off to work!

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