Unexpected Turn of Events


When I embarked on a spiritual journey about a month ago, I knew that change was coming but I couldn’t tell you precisely what and how it was going to be. It is fair to say that I’ve cleared my plate, created mental space and let the universe do it’s thing for me.

I guess I was hoping for something green, something creative, some travel, some vacation and definitely some meaningful work.

Then something old became something new again.

Putting the family business back in business

My father is a semi-retired civil engineer. I call it a semi-retirement because it is not by choice. His last successful bid for a project was in 2009. Since then he’s been preparing for tenders to no avail. Like all fathers, he is extremely difficult to work with so both my brother and I passed on the family business to pursue other opportunities long time ago. Without our help the company remained small.

His shortcomings as a businessman aside my father is a very good engineer with a reputable list of references. Therefore despite the losing streak, he still got invited to bid on new projects. So every few months a new project came by, he worked on it day and night, with no positive outcome.

This “new tender- fail to win” cycle repeated itself for so long that his business became an expensive hobby rather than an income generating pursuit. My brother thought it would be for the best to shut it down and put my father in full-time retirement for our family’s financial sake. I almost agreed…

Until I realized the potential we are forgoing is huge!!

So among my other creative project work, I’ve started helping my father with preparing tender offers.

Turns out he needed my help desperately. We worked on 3 projects together and long story short after 6 years and 12 unsuccessful bids we were triumphant at last.

The implications for me are significant. Let’s see… I am moving to an island this summer.

Need I say more? I am so excited about what the summer will bring.

Next up will be my first impressions of my new home: Gokceada (Imbros Island).

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