Why We Can’t Accept the Death of Jon Snow

Jon SnowAfter 5 seasons (or books) of enduring miserable winter, our beloved Jon’s journey has come to a dreadful end. As his Watch brothers stabbed him repeatedly, our hearts broke in a million pieces.

In the Games of Thrones world, the death of a main character is a regular occurrence. With Ned, Robb and Oberyn gone, we should be accustomed to our favorites getting killed off by now. Besides, if you read the books you knew this particular one was coming. Yet we can’t seem to let Jon go. Why is he different? Mainly because we had a feeling that he was meant for something bigger. His death feels wrong, leaves his story unfinished and it makes him a failure compared to other characters who died more accomplished deaths.

In the absurd world of Westeros, Jon was the one character we could relate to the most. In Jon we saw ourselves and it gave us hope. The misunderstood, wronged kid who could become someone important one day. Sure he lived with the Starks in a castle, but the poor guy was constantly reminded that he is a bastard. And as if that wasn’t enough, when everyone was heading off for bigger and better things, he ended up at the Wall where the lowly Starks and the criminals go. There is honor in serving, but let’s not kid ourselves about the miserable life choice he ended up making.

Let’s see: Feeling inadequate among peers… Constantly feeling like a failure… Ending up at the “Wall” when you grew up thinking you’d be one of the cool kids some day? Yeah I can relate to that. (and probably so can you). So the fact that there was hope for something huge (R+L=J anyone?) was a relief. When the time came, the hero in the making would become victorious. All the dark and doom he is going through now is just a phase. It will get better and the tide will turn… or not?

Now Jon will probably come back one way or another but if we just for a moment think that this was his end, then the message it sends is pretty gloomy:

In real life some purposes go unfulfilled and sometimes people die without finding out their true purpose.

And that thought is scary! We are all Jons. Sure we may not be the shiny kids, but we are all special in our own way and deserve our own purposeful adventure. And we can’t just die without even trying goddammit!

So I for one, won’t accept this cruel fate. I will find and live my purpose and I won’t be stopped.

Note to self: Stop obsessing over Game of Thrones.



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